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New Update to Blix Krieg WordPress Theme Makes it WordPress 2.1 Compatible

The designers of the hugely popular BlixKrieg theme have today announced the release of a FREE updated version of this theme which overcomes incompatibilities with WordPress 2.1. With over 1000 downloads to date, this updated blix based theme is proving popular.

This upgrade corrects an incompatibility between the blix theme and wordpress 2.1, in which user defined pages were no longer displaying in the navigation bar. This Blix Krieg upgrade is fully backwards compatible with earlier versions of Blix and WordPress. We’ve also included the ability to easily turn the ads on or off.

Never used Google Adsense Before? Not a problem – it’s free to join and you can start making money right away, Just click the Join Adsense Button to the right – If you are like a lot of bloggers, and don’t aim to (or even feel guilty) about making money from your blog, donate it to charity!

UTheGuru has made BlixKrieg 2.1.1 available on this site – You can read more and download WordPress 2.1 BlixKrieg Blix Update Here.

4 comments January 28th, 2007

A Plague of De-indexation and Supplementals Google Now Has..

There seems to be an increasing number of people that are having their previously high ranking sites either completely de-indexed, or largely sent to the supplemental index. Here I write about the problem, and open my blog to your comments. I’d dearly like it if you all write about your experiences here so that we can hopefully get the attention of Google and get some answers – This seems to have been happening for the last few weeks. Click here to read more

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Banality of Bananas is not necessarily a bad thing..

The duckman here talks about the banality of bananas, rather more for discussing the intricacies of search engine optimisation rather than demonstrating his belief that bananas are common place or ordinary… see my post about the banality of bananas here…

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Off Topic – Paris Hilton’s Droopy Eyelid

An Off topic one – Paris Hilton is allegedly considering going under the knife for her ‘droopy left eyelid’… I’d never noticed it before, but apparently this famous-for-not-much woman has an imperfection that has been affecting her self esteem.. read more about the Paris Hilton Droopy Eyelid affair here…

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How to add audio or video to a Joomla Installation

Ever used Joomla? Ever had to add audio or video to a Joomla installation, and didn’t know how? The allvideos Joomla plugin allows you to do just that, simply and easily. Read more about adding video and audio to Joomla here…

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Joomla Xplorer Security Issue Identified and Solved

I recently discovered a small issue with the great Joomla add-on, Joomla Xplorer. Seems that Joomla Xplorer accidentally gives root access on any shared server it is hosted on. Here I give a solution to the Joomla XPlorer Access Problem.

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Elephants and College papers…

I came across this one on another blog this morning – gave me a really good chuckle. The blogger in question made a good point "Well, what’s more likely, an elephant on the ramp, or a frictionless ramp"….

I can remember writing simillar answers in university exams as well – used to figure that if I didn’t know the answer I might as well give the lecturer a chuckle.. 🙂


But seriously - a frictionless ramp?

2 comments January 20th, 2007

Vistered Little with Adsense?

Just been looking over some WordPress Themes, and one that I liked was Vistered Little.. If anybody would like me to add modifications to that theme to make it Adsense Enabled like my BlixKrieg Theme, could you please comment below?

1 comment January 19th, 2007


If you use, or are thinking of using IPSCounter – DONT – Here’s why..

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Fatal error: class jsmfFrontend not found after Joomla Patch to 1.1.12

Upon an upgrade of Joomla, some of my clients were reporting a serious error with their Joomla Installation. Here I give a quick and easy way to fix Joomla JSMFFrontend not found error

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Optimizing wordpress (or any CMS) to stop duplicate content penalty and supplemental results

Many CMS and blogging systems like wordpress and Joomla serve content in many different forms.

In the case of wordpress, content is replicated all over the place because it keeps your posts in archives.

This can lead to Google and other search engines inadvertantly concluding that you are trying to spam them with duplicate content. Google is passionate about ‘original content’, so this can result in the application of a duplicate content penalty to your site. Here I give you some advice about avoiding duplicate content in wordpress, but the advice stands for any number of other CMS systems as well.

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Subdomains, SEO and getting crawled

Are you having difficulties with getting google to crawl and index subdomains?

Recently, there has been alot of press about certain ‘subdomain spamming’ schemes. The theory is that you register tens of thousand or millions of subdomains, and carefully set them up to link back to a single domain, you can artificially inflate backlinks and increasing PR.

Fair enough idea – but it seems likely that Google has now cracked down upon subdomains altogether – Click here to read my thoughts about Google, Indexing and Subdomains.

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SMF gives administrator newbie status

Recently on a new website, I found that a stock standard SMF forum setup was giving even administrators the status of NEWBIE.. Looked a bit unprofessional, so I put my head to finding a solution – here is how to give yourself a non-newbie status in SMF

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Banalities of Bananas mark 2

Another test of the effects of keyword stuffing..

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Blix WordPress 2.1 Update

A lot of you will have heard of Blix – the wildly popular WordPress theme.

Thousands and thousands of bloggers worldwide now use it, a phenomenon we like to call the ‘Blix-o-Sphere’, or ‘Blix-o-fication’ 🙂

But seriously, the original Blix WordPress theme is a WORK OF ART by a German guy called Sebastien Schmieg.

UtheGuru is now pleased to give you the scoop on a little variation to Blix we just LOVE.

It is more search engine friendly, more efficient, and best of all, BlixKrieg not only incorporates AdSense, but allows quick and easy customisation of where, what and when you show AdSense Ads. You’ll wonder why you didn’t monetize your site years ago..

Come inside, learn a bit more and have a look – the Blix based wordpress AdSense theme is FREE to download here..

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So Google – why the outage?

Google webmaster tools is asking EVERYONE to reverify their sites – just check out the Google Webmasters Forum and see the multiple questions.. EVERYONE is getting “Our system has experienced a temporary problem. ” when they try to reverify.. read here for my two cents worth..

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Gone Supplemental – Joomlahacks

Been having problems with pages going supplemental in Google? Don’t know what the heck Supplemental is? Don’t worry – here we dash through a few examples of some of the major problems you can have if you’re not careful with your CMS system.. and some potential solutions!

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Solution – WordPress 2.0.6 fails google sitemap validate with 200(OK) error

We recently had some major problems with trying to validate our wordpress 2.0.6 installation using google sitemaps – whoa – what a rigmorale! Here we give you the solutions you need…

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Welcome to the forums – now there’s a bright idea!

The UtheGuru forums are shaping up to be the next big thing – and we’ve got a few ideas we think you’ll like – including PAYING you to blog.. hehe… check it out here..

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