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The ‘Brothers Gibson’ live at ‘The Grove’, Brisbane

A taste of the live music scene here in Brisbane, where I live at the moment – Sascha and Mike from a band called The Brothers Gibson playing a song about North Queensland (specifically, Cairns, where I lived and worked about 5 years ago) – called ‘The Rusty’s Bar’. This song epitomizes North Queensland – plus I’ve never before seen someone play the cello like a guitar (that’s Sasch on the left, Mike on the right)

You can hear me cackling in the background a few times – having lived there in my early 20’s, I’m familiar with the particular bar they are singing about – a few lines stand out to me – “It took them more than 3 months just to realize – that the road to Surfers Paradise was bitumised” – it takes the piss and congratulates North Queenslander’s in one fell swoop… Why?

Funny because Surfer’s is the main ‘tourist attraction’ in Qld (but 1600 miles south of Cairns) – I think they’re basically saying that as far as the locals are concerned Cairns is the centre of the universe.. 

I also liked the line – ‘the ceiling fans rotate’ as the chorus – that’s so appropriate – so very North Queensland – time just drifts by, the slow, steady beat of the ceiling fan matches the rhythm of life in general up there – Cairns is not really known as a hectic place 🙂

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