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Ok.. so.. I have internet again :)

Hey everyone!

I notice a few of my friends turning up on my mybloglog sidebar.. so.. just a shout out to a few.. John – fantastic to see your blog getting the traffic it deserves lately for some inspired commentary on what peeves us about the inadequacies of Google Webmaster feedback. Shambhavi, I’d love to hear how you’ve settled in since your big move.. possibly you’re visiting in the vain hope that I’ve updated my blog recently – alas no, I haven’t.. UNTIL NOW…

But.. in all fairness I have been genuinely really busy. I’ve completed the long and drawn out process of moving into my new house… And, as the title of this post would suggest, I’ve actually managed to get broadband internet working here – which is very satisfying indeed.

Once I’ve converted my new place from the current maze of boxes to something a bit more worthy of a few photographs, I will do a post about it.

It’s certainly a unique place and I think some of my non-Australian readers would be fascinated – it’s definitely a very ‘Aussie’ pad – we’ve got Kookaburras, Kangaroos, Wombats.. very relaxing.. it’s such an Aussie house that the first thing I bought was a BBQ – and I haven’t cooked inside even once in the four weeks since I started moving in (Sorry folks from the US, but we’ve had absolutely brilliant weather here – warm, tropical).

I’ve been travelling alot recently, but by far the most ‘important’ thing I have been doing is consulting to a company in the North of my state – developing yield maps that help sugarcane growers improve their productivity whilst simultaneously reducing their costs – the fabled ‘win-win’ solution. It’s something very interesting, and I’d like to blog about it here.. But… I need your help.

Does anybody know of any free or open source software that allows you to record your screen in real time as a video? I basically want to do an online ‘tutorial’ about my new ‘yield mapping’ sofware – I’ll be putting it on my business site ( of course.

Your help would be appreciated!

Oh – one additional subscript – those of you that know me well will know that there has been a stressful sidetrack regarding a new lingerie product over the last little while – I spoke about the stress of that particular venture quite briefly on the website of  a friend a couple of months back.

I’m glad to say that this is now completely over and done with. We won the case – something I’d never like to go through ever again, but it’s given me some new and interesting insights into the challenges that entrepreneurial businesses and webmasters face – and those kind of insights are priceless.

I now feel quite qualified to advise folks about the legal side of webmastering – how to be ‘savvy’ about these issues and avoid destroying a great business with endless legal battles 🙂 It’s an important lesson – your time should be spent building a business. Time in court is wasted time folks!

Cheers and all the best,


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