Aussie John Howard versus Barack Obama ‘bin laden’

February 12th, 2007

I have the great privilege to say that I am Australian – but tonight I can’t help but be a little embarassed about that fact.

From Sydney to Darwin, I fear we’ve just been branded a bunch of red-necks due to the ridiculous comments of our incumbent, Prime Minister John Howard, who today strode into the media in the USA by firing a few shots at Presidential candidate hopeful Barack Obama. (See the video here).

Howard made it known that he thinks that the other “O’ama”, Osama, would probably be counting his lucky stars if Obama won the presidential race, given Obama’s stated predeliction to withdraw all 150,000 US troops from Iraq should he be elected.

I have very strong views on Iraq. I have very strong views on Bush. I have very strong views on Howard.

I generally keep those opinions to myself – but tonight, I feel I have to say… STRUTH Johnny, you’re a bloody wally mate – pull your head in.

It’s not that I feel strongly either way about what he had to say, it’s just this simple fact – It’s for the American people to decide, and given the fact that Bush is gone come March 8 anyway, Ho9ward’s comments just smack of parochial politics – designed to grand-stand and peddle what little influence he has, rather than add anything useful to the political debate in the US.

Having said all that, I’m secretly certain Johnny has simply started this shit fight because he’s angst ridden that the majority of people in the US seem to be completely oblivious to just who John Howard is – we’ve got a satirical comedy show here in Australia called ‘The Chaser’s War on Everything’ – I’ll let this little clip do the explaining..


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