Blix Krieg Is A Great Choice

February 1st, 2007

As a blogger, you realise that hosting your blog costs time and money.

Google Adsense ads routinely pay my hosting costs (including the costs of hosting this theme), and often I’ve got a bit left over at the end of every month to take my family and friends out to dinner – sure, unless you are big time, you’re not going to become a millionaire by putting ads on your site (you usually only get about 10 to 20c for everytime someone clicks on an adsense ad), but it does help pay the bills – signing up only takes a few seconds and is completely free and without obligation – I’ve added a shortcut button below for you.

I’ve been using the Blix WordPress Theme for quite a long time now, and in the process, I learnt how to put ads in Blix for this reason – and allow a user to quickly and easily change the style and placement of their ads.

Don’t know what Adsense is? Adsense is the Google Technology that allows you to easily display targetted ads that might interest your users (there are some examples on this page) that you see on some websites., or when you are doing a google search.

Below you can find more information about how to use BlixKrieg.

New features in this release:-

  • Ads can easily be turned on and off across the site, so this release can function as a simple wordpress 2.1 compatible blix upgrade.
  • You can easily add ChannelID as well as adsense ID to your ads, so that if you have lots of websites, you can track where your revenue is coming from (*NOTE – future version will include ability to have individual channelID for each ad unit).
  • No code modifications required – this install will work right out of the box, and anything you need to customise is in the one file – adsense.php.
  • Added some functions to handle frequent tasks to speed the system up and reduce server load.
  • Added some commenting to help users make sense of the code.
  • YOU CAN CUSTOMISE EACH AND EVERY ADSENSE UNIT IN THE ONE FILE, adsense.php – you can change the size of each ad unit, and whether you prefer to have it displayed as a image, text or have no preference.
  • It’s Fool Proof – if you try to do something silly (like have a wrong sized ad unit for the style of ad you want to run) the system picks it up and either correct your error or substitutes a default.

If you have any problems / suggestions / bug reports / other templates you’d like me to add this code to, please let me know – I don’t bite 🙂

If you don’t know what adsense is – it’s a way that you can make money from your blog – everytime someone clicks on an ad, you’ll make a few cents – it all adds up.

Note that it is not compulsorary – you can easily turn ads on or off using this theme – it’s completely your choice.

If you feel a bit uneasy about making money from your blog, there is the option to donate your earnings to charity – an option which the authors wholeheartedly recommend.

Muck around – just a few little changes can totally change the look and feel of your site.

Up coming versions will include:-

  • Admin Panel for setting all these things..
  • Some more positions..
  • Ability to turn Ads on and off.. NOW INCLUDED
  • Ability to assign channels individually to ad blocks.

The following is an extract from the readme file, which explains how to customize the Blix Krieg theme – Ciao!


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  • 1. Peter  |  March 1st, 2009 at 12:12 am

    In Blix there is a menu option in the Dashboard to change the text colour in the header. This doesn’t appear in BlixKrieg.

    Also, I saw a reference to a plugin produced by a guy called Zachary but the fownload link didn’t work.

    This plug in may be the answer to my problem. Do you kknow how I can get it ?

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