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New Major BlixKrieg Update on the Way

Folks – I’ve become aware that there are some niggling issues with WordPress 2.3.1 that are causing a few formatting problems with the current version of BlixKrieg.

I’m planning a new major release of BlixKrieg over the next couple of days to deal with these issues – keep your eyes peeled for the new release – and, in the interim, delay upgrading wordpress until the new release comes.



7 comments November 22nd, 2007

1GB then and now..

I ‘stumbled’ across this little tid-bit – this photograph shows ‘cutting edge’ storage for 1GB from 1988 (on the left) and 1GB storage from 2005 (on the right).. 🙂

My how things do change – I noticed just the other day that USB keys now come in a 16GB flavour – that’s right.. those little floppy disks I used to take to school to trade ‘high tech’ games like tetris with my mates about 15 years ago were 1.44MB in size – I can now hold the equivalent of ~11,400 of them in a little card on my keyring – that’s incredible.


1 comment September 26th, 2007

Google Taken to Court by the ACCC

In Australia we have a very powerful competition regulator. This probably stems mainly from Australia’s strong stance on competition and free trade – when your national economy depends so heavily on export income, free trade tends to be fairly important.

The Australian Competition Regulator routinely shuts down or imposes massive fines on companies that engage in anti-competitive or deceptive behaviour – and it seems it has my favourite search engine in its sights – in particular the ACCC  is concerned about Google sponsored links (adwords) – and the way some companies use them to gouge other people’s businesses – essentially the regulator sees this as false and misleading conduct and is trying to get a ruling holding Google responsible for the actions of its’ advertisers. Any thoughts on this? Matt

1 comment July 12th, 2007

Featured in “The WordPress PodCast”

Hi folks – just a little tidbit – one of my plugins, SEO_Wordpress has been featured today in Charles Stricklin’s “WordPress Podcast” – check it out here at The WordPress Podcast (fast forward to 25 mins 42 secs for Aaron’s review) – Thanks Charles (P.S. I noticed your sidebar is broken in IE6 – Susan Moskwa (from Google) posted a tip about this problem recently in this post). Thankyou! – Matt

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Safety Report – Blix Krieg is 2.2.1 Compatible

Just a quick aside – for those of you using blix krieg (wordpress 2.2.1 compatible Blix replacement), I’ve tested functionality under the new wordpress 2.2.1 update – thunderbirds are go, it works fine – upgrade to your hearts content.

Add comment June 24th, 2007

When Dog becomes its anagram

Maybe I should teach my dog Jazz a couple more commands than ‘do you want some biscuits’, ‘Do you want to go for a {Run, Walk or Drive}, ‘Lie Down’, and “where’s the stick” and put her to more productive use than her usual comatose state dictates. If she can understand “where’s the stick” I’m sure it wouldn’t be a big stretch to get her to understand “Where’s the Paintbrush” 🙂 See this gallery if you haven’t already 🙂

(Addendum: I’m considering developing rubber bones for attachment to otherwise underutilized implements such as beer bottles, brooms, vacuum cleaners and shopping lists)

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I’m getting to like this myBloglog thing..

I kind-of-recently got on the myBlogLog wagon – and I’ve got to say I’m starting to get rather enamoured with it – it’s cool knowing that there are actually people out there that really read my babbling 🙂

I often keep an eye on the little sidebar thingy and take a look at sites belonging to pretty no.. intelligent, umm.. a random selection of users.. you find a few gems along the way. Here’s one I saw today that combines both – a great read.


1 comment June 20th, 2007

Alternative Energy: Wave Power

One of my true passions in life is alternative energy. Many people ask me why I did agriculture for my undergraduate degree – the ultimate answer is that from a young age I was fascinated by the potential of agriculture (expecially sugarcane) as an alternative source of energy.

I remember listening to famous naturalist David Suzuki say:-

In the future, people are going to look back and say ‘we had this great resource (oil) – it could make wonderful things like plastics, medicines and other unique substances and WE JUST BURNT IT – what were we thinking’

It struck a chord with me.

I’ve been watching the potential of alternative energy to open up whole new economies and ways of thinking with great excitement – the hugely successful German experiment with solar energy is one such example.

I recently came across this article about wave power – it makes an interesting read.

1 comment June 17th, 2007

Someone bought me a beer!

Well, my little ‘buy me a VB (Aussie beer)’ sidebar widget has finally paid dividends.. A benefactor (who wishes to remain anonymous) has just bought me a beer (actually two) which is a really nice end to a hard weekend coding.

avagoodone and thanks 😉

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An aside for asides sake..

Here’s another aside just because I like asides and want to show them off 🙂

4 comments June 6th, 2007

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