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Changing the colours of Blix Krieg – MultiBlix Plugin

Zachary Guidry, one of the users of my Blix Krieg theme (which you can download here) has developed a very cool plugin to use with blixkrieg.

It is called ‘MultiBlix’ and allows you to very easily modify all the various shades and colors used in a blixkrieg install, without needing to know how to write code.

I’m very impressed with the plugin – congratulations Zachary on writing such a nifty little plugin, and helping to build the ‘blixkrieg’ community with cool little additions like this.

You can download Zachary’s BlixKrieg Theme Customization plugin here

Change the Colors of BlixKrieg with MultiBlix

4 comments July 24th, 2007

Headzoo Live WordPress Plugin


It is a lovely thing to watch your efforts hit pay-dirt as more and more people visit your blog, and start contributing off their own bat.

Here’s the ultimate wordpress plugin for the inner guru in you – if you derive as much satisfaction from your site as I do – It’s called LIVE, it is free, and I think it’s fantastic.

This is easily one of the best designed, coded and documented wordpress plugins I’ve ever seen. I strongly recommend you click here and read more about it



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Yahoo Sidebar Link Badge Widget For WordPress

Yahoo has released a great little tool called the ‘Yahoo SiteExplorer Badge’ – it gives your users an idea of just how popular your site is, and also helps you keep track of exactly how many sites are linking to yours… which we all know is not a strong point with other search engines (Google, for instance).

I like this tool so much that I’ve included it to the right, and written a free wordpress widget to make it quick and easy to add one to your site too.Learn more about it here.

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