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Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly – Permalinks

Hi Everyone!

Well today I’m doing my first ever video blog – about one of the keys to a successful blog – good search engine positioning.

Even though search engine optimization (or SEO) is veiled in a certain mystique, and many SEO professional are paid hundreds of dollars per hour, a great deal of it is actually common sense.

In this, the first of hopefully many video blogs, I give you a short tutorial about wordpress permalinks.

Permalinks, WordPress and Achieving a High Search Engine Ranking for your Blog

In this tutorial, we’ll answer the following questions for you:-

  • What is a permalink?
  • What is one of the major factors in achieving good Google positioning for your Blog?
  • How can I make my blog url Search Engine Friendly?
  • What is an .htaccess file?
  • What do the question marks (?) after my URL mean?
  • How can I make my own .htaccess file?

Achieving High Search Engine Ranking is Easy, if you know how

Good Luck!

NOTE: If you’re changing your permalink structure on an existing blog, you’ll also need to install Dean’s Permalink Migration Plugin (Download it here) to ensure that links from other sites to your existing URL’s are redirected.


5 comments April 4th, 2007

New update to Blix Krieg WordPress Theme (2.1.3) released

Hi folks,

I’ve just updated the blix krieg wordpress 2.1 compatible theme. This version makes the following changes.

  1. SEO upgrade – For the index page, your title bar will now show your blog name a dash and your blog description (eg – where we believe YOU are the guru). For content pages, it shows the page title FIRST (previously after), a dash, and then the blog name (eg ‘New Update to Blix Krieg –’). I think this is an important update as it makes your page titles, rather than your blog name, jump out to search engine users.
  2. Tagline changes – I have implemented the changes spoken about in my recent post (How to add a custom Tagline) into the stable version.

Read more about the changes here

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Custom Tagline in Blix Krieg

A user of my wordpress 2.1 compatible Blix based theme, Blix Krieg, recently asked how to add a custome tagline to the theme.. YES! It is possible – here is how to add a custom tagline to Blix Krieg

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Vistered Little with Adsense?

Just been looking over some WordPress Themes, and one that I liked was Vistered Little.. If anybody would like me to add modifications to that theme to make it Adsense Enabled like my BlixKrieg Theme, could you please comment below?

1 comment January 19th, 2007

Optimizing wordpress (or any CMS) to stop duplicate content penalty and supplemental results

Many CMS and blogging systems like wordpress and Joomla serve content in many different forms.

In the case of wordpress, content is replicated all over the place because it keeps your posts in archives.

This can lead to Google and other search engines inadvertantly concluding that you are trying to spam them with duplicate content. Google is passionate about ‘original content’, so this can result in the application of a duplicate content penalty to your site. Here I give you some advice about avoiding duplicate content in wordpress, but the advice stands for any number of other CMS systems as well.

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Solution – WordPress 2.0.6 fails google sitemap validate with 200(OK) error

We recently had some major problems with trying to validate our wordpress 2.0.6 installation using google sitemaps – whoa – what a rigmorale! Here we give you the solutions you need…

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