Men Posing as Women – the fall of MyBlogLog?

April 10th, 2007

Mybloglog is being abused

The honeymoon is over – Spammers have found mybloglog

Has any body else using mybloglog noticed the relatively new trend towards people using attention-grabbing pictures (usually of women, usually blonde, and usually with cleavage included) in their mybloglog avatar?

I noticed this recently when I was going through my mybloglog stats, and saw that a large number of my users were being drained away after a blogger with an animated ‘baywatch style’ mybloglog avatar, mostly centralised around the thoracic region of a surgically enhanced female form, visited my site.

Upon further investigation, I found that the blogger in question was a 26 year old male.

Upon further further investigation, I found that a large proportion (50%) of all recent visitors on his site were also males with sexy blonde avatars.

MyBlogLog – A great social networking tool – or a traffic drain?

Well – I’m thinking of removing mybloglog from my site. Whilst I love to see who has been visiting my site, it irritates me a little bit that my mybloglog sidebar box occasionally resembles the ‘mens interest’ section in my local newsagency.

Another interesting fact – I think a few of these are actually automated robots – often times the attention seeking blogger’s site ends up having some form of prominent link on their front page to another site (usually myspace, I have found) which is simply a thinly veiled gateway to porn.

These people are essentially using my site (and others) to advertise smut. What’s more, the majority of myblogusers put their mybloglog sidebar in a prominent place on their site – often prime position.

I’m no prude – but if I wanted to advertise smut on my site, I would, but I don’t, so it might soon be bye-bye for mybloglog on my site, I’m afraid.

A Descriptive term for these MyblogLog Spammers?

What to call these new attention grabbing mybloglog users.. hmm – I’m not feeling all that creative at 2 in the morning but here’s a few suggestions:-

  • Blogvestites.
  • Blimps (Blog Pimps)
  • Blogasites.
  • Attention Seeking Trolls..

Help me out – someone with more creativity – please 🙂



Addendum – I noticed that Eric Marcoullier of MyBlogLog dropped by to check out this article – Eric, if you’re around, why not leave a comment? Cheers – M


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