More April Fools Silly Stuff..

April 3rd, 2007

April Fools Report

Cutts’ April Fools Joke

Well – I admit it – I was totally had by Matt Cutts Little April Fools Trick – in fact, I’m still partially had, as the April Fools page is still up – Luckily, it seems that Matt’s got his own back on the ‘DarkSEO team’ – see this page (sorry removed it) where Matt Hacks the hackers (ostensibly).

Also, see this thread on the Google Webmaster Forum for a bit more witty repartee about this..

In other April Fools News and Events..


Fried Fish Anyone?

I got an early morning phone call from my Step-dad, Gary. Gary makes artificial rocks (see for his embryonic website) and waterfalls, and has been doing this very successfully for almost 20 years.

Gary usually puts in automatic water level controllers in his ponds and waterfalls – he pays a bloke about $300 to make up the controller boxes, and installs them himself – it’s simply three wires – a low level wire, a high level wire and a common wire. If the water level drops below the low level, a pump starts, and continues until the water again reaches the high level.

Anyway, the guy Gaz has been doing this for has gone overseas, so I had to pull my trusty soldering iron out and devise another solution. I have come up with a good one, and Gaz has been installing them out at a large project during this last week.

Anyway, back to the phone call.. Gary rang me to tell me that his client had rung him up to complain that all the fish in his pond had been electrocuted by my cool new water level controller.

Luckily I only stressed out for about half an hour before he let me off the hook – April Fools.. the bugger..


TISP – Free Broadband From Google.

Google has announced the launch of it’s new TiSP service, which offers self-install free wireless broadband for anyone and everyone.

You can learn more about it here.


Anyone else have any good jokes played on them?



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