Out Ranking Matt Cutts

March 8th, 2007

A while ago one of my online buddies, JLH, wrote this tongue in cheek post (or should that be boast? 🙂 ), in which he pointed out that he now outranked Google’s own famous Blogger, Matt Cutts for one of his posts.

JLH and I have been having a light-hearted game of one-upmanship for a while now (see the now infamous Banalities of Bananas post here, and my even more ridiculous second attempt to beat JLH on the lucrative ‘Banal Bananas’ keywords here). JLH ultimately prevailed in the Banal Bananas stakes, so I’ve been wracking my brains about ways to beat him since.. so JLH – here’s my chance to match you on this one…

We now outrank Matt Cutts for the search “How to get out of the supplemental index” – granted, it’s probably a temporary fluke, but I thought I’d get mileage from it while I can 🙂

UtheGuru Beats Matt Cutts for Supplementals Post

Cheers and Have a great day,



Update – for the moment we seem to be holding in 2nd position for the above search, and getting some nice traffic too… must have done something right 🙂




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