Personalised Search and Google Spookiness..

April 25th, 2007

Hi everyone!

Well, I am part way through my mega-week. I had the interviews I discussed. The job interview went really well, even though I had NO SLEEP the night before as I kept on having more thoughts about what I could say in the interview whenever I tried to go to sleep, and this continued all night – so I gave up about 2am and just stayed up all night brainstorming 🙂

Long and the short, interview went great, and I’ve been invited to have a face to face in a few weeks to a month. It’s an exciting little company is all I can say for now, and I’ll keep you up to date when I know more.

Speaking of exciting little companies, one, of course, is everyone’s favourite search engine – Google. I think I wrote a few posts ago about the cool (and topical) suggestions it has been giving me in the daily ‘how-to’ section of their personalised search.

It is ultra spooky, but today I was writing my stage two PhD, and I was having some problems with that old question of their, there and they’re… they’re is easy for me, but I always get their and there mixed up.. so I thought, why not go and google it?

This is what happened – without a word of a lie – I typed in, up came my personalised search box, and what was sitting there in the daily how-to. Guess. “How to Use There, Their and They’re“. I shit you not. Maybe I am working for the wrong company, it seems Google has the ‘mind reading’ algorithm worked out too 🙂

Cheers, and for those in Australia, happy Anzac day.



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