Pulling pages out of supplemental 101 – Test

March 10th, 2007

This post follows on from my tutorial about pulling pages out of the supplemental index.

A reader at Google Webmaster Help Forums has asked me if it would be possible to post a link to his site about classical music to try and pull one of his pages out of the supplementals.

SMc writes:-

I have had difficulty with one page from my site that insists on staying in the supplemetal index. I had a mis typed URL that I subsequently made a 301 redirect back to the correct link. Now both the bad URL and the good are in and have remained in the supplemental for ages and I cant seem to shift it. Would it be possible for you to throw a link at that page for me to try to force it back out ?

Your site has a couple of other probs that may be causing the supps SMc (in particular check for suplicate content), but let’s try and see if it works.

Here is a link to SMc’s Classical Music Site – By the way SMc – some tips:-

  1. I don’t remember where it was that I read this, but google prefers short URL’s – the physical length of the URL, and ‘depth’ of the URL (depth of directories) should be kept to a minimum. If someone has a link I think it was Vanessa Fox that talked about that.
  2. You should keep the number of links on a page to less than 100, if possible (see Google’s Webmaster Guidelines) –
  3. Every page should be 2 or 3 links from the home page.
  4. Links from ‘related’ websites with high PR probably carry more weight than links from ‘unrelated’ sites (ie mine versus a music site).
  5. Use copyscape to check for duplicate content on your pages (see my primer on the causes of supplementals here).




Follow-up – it worked 🙂



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