We’ve come a long way, baby!

February 9th, 2007

Heya everyone!

Today marks exactly a month since I began this blog.

In that time, this blog has gone from nothing to around 350 unique visitors a day, has just hit the magic 1000 inlinks stage, and continues to grow extremely rapidly.

Obviously a major component of this growth has been due to interest in our two software releases – Blix Krieg, a WordPress theme and our Yahoo SiteExplorer Badge WordPress widget, but we’ve also seen around 50% of our traffic coming from referrals to other parts of the site, like our targetted advice (most favoured pages have included our advice about canonicalization issues, supplemental pages, subdomains and optimizing wordpress (and other content management systems) for search engines, along with some silly light hearted stuff like the now (moderately) infamous ‘Banalities of Bananas‘ series, which we suspect at one stage caused us to be delegated to supplemental hell for a couple of weeks…

Where to from here?

Well, the growth of this little blog has been truly phenomenal as far as I’m concerned – I have a large number of websites, and I’ve never had one grow at anything like this speed – so the future looks quite rosy. This isn’t so much by chance as by design – I have big plans for this blog, and my activities in the last month have been step 1 of that plan.

Obviously, in this early stage of my business plan for this site, I’ve been concentrating on getting a large number of backlinks – and I’ve employed strategies that seem to have suceeded quite well at that.

My business plan for phase 1 of this site gave me three months to achieve the following aims:-

ACHIEVE A PRESENCE – Substantially Done

  1. Achieve 1000 backlinks (3 months) – DONE
  2. Achieve 300 hits a day consistently (3 months) – Done
  3. Regularly Maintain 70% of content pages in main Google Index (Nearly Done – seems to be jumping all over the place)


We’ve blown phase 1 away in a month, so now begins stage two – the call for your help – UNIQUE CONTENT.

  1. Get greater user input / guest writers to start using this page as somewhere to write about ‘problems and solutions’ they come across in their daily lives, especially pertaining to IT and computer related issues.
  2. Have at least 300 hits per day to this ‘unique content’ – 3 to 4 months.
  3. Distribute advertising income to writers.

Ok – overall aim of this site in the long term is to provide UNIQUE, USER FRIENDLY ANSWERS TO TOPICAL IT AND SEO RELATED PROBLEMS.

I’ve been doing this a little already – any time in my daily life that I’m looking for a solution to a problem, and I can’t find it easily after a google search, I blog about it here. This is where I can use your help – either as a contributor of content (with free account and share of adsense revenue generated), or a contributor of questions.

DO YOU HAVE GOOD IDEAS? GET IN TOUCH – we’re growing rapidly, we need original content, and we need YOU.
All the best –



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