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April 22nd, 2007

Where to from here?

Hi Everyone!

Just a mixed bag to keep the spiders interested 🙂

I’m still alive – I spent the majority of this past week in North Queensland doing some installations of new hardware I’ve helped develop (see my sugar mechanisation consultancy site for more info).

Flew into Townsville Tuesday, got back Friday. Was a really successful trip. If you ever happen to get a chance to see Townsville – do it – it’s one of my favourite holiday destinations.

In other news:-

  1. When you do a search in Google, there is now an option under each search to ‘make a note of this’ – I believe it’s a new feature from Google, think it was only launched within the last few days.
  2. Google has launched a few additions in its webmaster console.
  3. Expect a toolbar pagerank update any day soon – last one was in Jan and I think they are usually every 3 or 4 months, so it should be coming real soon. I’m hoping for a PR6 for this site, but we’ll see 🙂
  4. Had a little fun with trying to work out whether having the F-word on a website will trigger the ‘safe’ filter in Google – see here for more info and a bit of a laugh.
  5. My Google custom search page has offered me up a few interesting suggestions this week, including ‘how to wear makeup as a man‘ (I don’t know what they are trying to suggest 🙂 – maybe this is along the same lines as Google recently revealing to Sebastian that he is actually a gay man in disguise or maybe they’ve just seen me pre-gym in the morning) and how to make a Spam Nori Roll :).

Got a busy few weeks ahead of me, doing lots of interesting things I’ll probably blog about down the track:-

  1. Tomorrow I have a visit to the dentist to finish a root canal on a back molar that the dentist (mistakenly) thought was dead.. bloody dentists.
  2. Tuesday I have two interviews – one with one of my PhD supervisors and another with a little company that hs piqued my interest enough to consider actually leaving the world of study and consultancy and getting a ‘real job’ again. Undoubtedly both of these interviews will be rather interesting as (if my last trip to the dentist is any guide) I’ll be unable to speak :).
  3. Wednesday-Friday – writing, writing writing… I have a major PhD milestone due in 8 days and am yet to start writing it (yikes – it’s great having so many things all happening at once – but have you ever had that overwhelmed feeling before?)
  4. Another trip to North Queensland with some datalogging equipment to do some site surveys in Ingham and Mossman – a company I’ve been consulting for uses UHF band radios to enhance the quality of GPS positioning on their equipment, and has been having probs with coverage – my job to sort it out quickly before the season starts.
  5. Further developing some algorithms I’ve been working on pertaining to payment systems in the sugar industry – aaargh.

Have a great week folks!



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  • 1. SusieJ  |  April 23rd, 2007 at 1:06 am

    Sorry about the root canal. So sorry. Good luck with all the interviews.
    Are you manually creating the “some other relevant posts?” Or, is that a plug-in from wordpress.

  • 2. DuckMan  |  April 23rd, 2007 at 1:24 am

    Hi Susie!

    It’s a plugin from dagon design called other posts from category. I made some changes to the code to allow it to add a snippet from each post along with the post name.

    Two thumbs up – it’s a great plugin, but if you use it, you have to be thoughtful about how you allocate posts to categories to keep it relevant. It has undoubtedly increased the conversion rates on my site, as people tend to stick around a lot longer.



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